An “Alligator Tick”..? Can it Bite Humans? Freaky Bug

Topic: My friend and I were at the beach here in Minnesota and she said there are these huge bugs called alligator ticks that can bite people. She also said the bite is very painful to have happen to you. She has pretty concerned and were not going in the water as of now in fear of getting bite by an alligator tick. Where are these bugs? Do they exist? Should I be worried *Voted Best Answer Reply from Krista J. The nickname “alligator tick” actually comes from a water bug called Read more [...]

Anyone Tried Water Beetles in a Fish Tank?

Topic: I have a medium size aquarium with fish in it and want to add some variety to my fish tank. I have seen these water bug like beetles that buzz around under water in this lake pond near my house. My tank is freshwater and I want to get some of those beetles. Anybody ever tried this before with water beetles? Water parameter help is needed an what to feed them.? *Voted Best Answer Reply from Christy R. Take some buckets if water with you from the pond and slowly acclimate your tank Read more [...]